IPChain Association


The IPCA is a non-profit corporate organization. Our goal is to form standards, technologies and tools for interaction between participants in the intellectual property rights market in the digital environment.

The Association implements measures to develop a culture of intellectual rights management, increase the competencies of citizens, various professional and public associations for the transition to a digital economy and, ultimately, increase the number of rightsholders - individuals and legal entities - involved in the creation and management of rights of the results of intellectual activity.

The Association is working to unify standards for describing IP items, exchanging data on items and the rights of participants in a decentralized network, creating tremendous opportunities for exporting rights, and expanding the possibilities for Russian rightsholders to enter the global technology markets with a variety of creative products.

The Association aims to involve non-resident users, primarily from regions of Russia's active economic cooperation (EAEU, BRICS, etc.), in using Russian services in the field of intellectual property.

The Association ensures the stability of the functioning and development of the IPChain distributed register, a decentralized network of blocks of transactions with IP items and rights.

Decentralized IPCA Network

The IPChain ​​network brings together major owners and aggregators of digitized intellectual property. Among those:

  1. Major scientific and educational organizations
  2. Corporations and holdings, creative associations, and organizations engaged in the production of musical and audiovisual products
  3. Foundations that support scientific, technical, and innovation-oriented activities
  4. Rights managing organizations, including Collective Rights Management Societies
  5. Governmental departments

Thanks to the distribution of the basic software for organizing network nodes under an open license, which allows for the recording of basic transactions with intellectual property items and rights [NOTARE.IPCHAIN], organizing repositories of digitized items [RIPOSARY.IPCHAIN] and providing access to the items using collections of "smart contracts" [CONTRATTO.IPCHAIN], the Association creates a platform for the effective interaction of authors, copyright holders, individuals, and legal entities using intellectual property and providing services for the management and legal protection of rights to it.

IPChain ​​is a platform that allows you to radically expand the number and availability of intellectual property services provided to participants in the intellectual property rights market through a global network.

Today, services are being built using IPChain, for the free circulation of scientific works that allow paying fair remuneration to authors, for the sale and purchase of models for 3D printing from composites and metals, databanks of genetic information, and services for receiving remuneration for the use of musical works in public spaces.

The IPChain ​​network creates new opportunities for a qualitative change in the mechanisms of the functioning of public authority offices that carry out the implementation of various functions and powers related to the field of intellectual property, primarily to optimize public services.

IPChain ​​guarantees the stability and immutability of information by providing open access to transaction data through the network inspector's search engine, providing:

  • transparency in the sphere of creation and circulation of rights to the results of intellectual activity, guarantees of the legitimate interests of rightsholders, primarily in terms of paying them fair remuneration;
  • simplification of procedures for resolving disputes related to the creation and (or) use of intellectual property, including pre-trial settlement by providing the opportunity to obtain complete information about the disputed item through the digital infrastructure;
  • new opportunities for legal circulation of rights to any results of intellectual activity in any form at any stage, including pre-patent.